Compliance packaging

Whether you are taking a couple or many medications, we can create convenient medication packs to help you take the right pill at the right time. These clearly labeled packages can help you improve your medication regimen. We will even package supplements and non-prescription medications to help you avoid interactions.

One-on-One Medication Reviews

A medication review is a great way to ensure your medications are working for you. Book your private, one-on-one consultation where we look at your current prescription and over-the-counter medications and discuss side effects, possible interactions and management routines to make sure you’re getting the most out of your medications. 

Injections and Immunizations

Skip the waiting room and schedule your immunizations and vaccinations with us.

Specialty Compounding

Our pharmacy offers extensive compounding services using professional grade equipment for patients who need something different from what’s commercially available:

  • Specific dosages and strengths
  • Custom delivery systems, such as creams, liquids and gels
  • Medications without dyes or fillers that may trigger allergic reactions
  • Flavouring to make prescriptions more palatable

Speak to us today to see how we can customize your prescriptions.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Are your blood pressure levels at their best? What do all the numbers mean? Are there non-prescription medications that are better for heart health? What else helps the heart and circulation? For answers to these questions and more, visit us today.

After-Hours Emergency Service

Do you need a prescription filled after hours? Call us at 519-894-4000 and we will provide the medications you need.

Free Delivery

Can’t pick up your refill? We’ll bring it to you! Call us about having your prescription delivered right to your door. Some restrictions may apply.

diem® premium care Mobile App for Easy Refills

Managing your health just got easier. Our diem® premium care app allows you to access your prescriptions from anywhere, manage your family’s health needs and get prescriptions filled quickly, from any tablet or mobile device. Download the app today on the App Store or on Google Play.